Twenty years of expertise helping organizations like yours

As a freelance nonprofit copywriter and former copy director for an award-winning direct response fundraising agency in Toronto, I’ve told the stories of a huge array of nonprofits to raise millions of dollars in donor support. 

I love creating communications for good causes and working with clients who are changing the world. Every time I start a new project, I’m excited to craft content that shows donors how they’re making a difference, and how they can make an even greater impact.

From what my regular clients say, you’ll appreciate collaborating with an experienced and reliable writer who understands what your organization needs. Someone who is committed to deadlines and great customer service.

Specialist skills you can count on include:

Direct response copywriting: to move your target market toward action.

Editing: to make your content smoother, clearer and more compelling.

Communications auditing: to find what works and what doesn’t work with your existing content.

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